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The City of Change: Chapter 11.
Chapter 11. "Ambivalence" 
               8.21 am, Monday, May 25, 2022
               Hopkins Private Clinic was a place Max always thought of with dread, quite unfairly and mostly because of the Hopkins Institute just next to it, the leading facility in research of unusual diseases such as FFI; Max’s reminder that everyone was going to die eventually. He stopped the car at the clinic’s parking and came inside. Despite Kaylee’s insisting, he came here alone; she had a lot of work in ZPD and he wanted to bring the news to her personally, whether they’d be good or bad.
               Max greeted a familiar receptionist, who told him that his doctor was already waiting. Max knocked at the door and, upon invitation, came inside. By t
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The City of Change: Chapter 10.
Chapter 10. "Boop"
               10.57 am, Wednesday, May 20, 2022
               August Fares followed his new friends’ advice and avoided the coffee machine in the main hall, suiting for the one by the boxes instead. He waited patiently for hot water to fill his cup, as he adjusted the bandage on his eye, simply to check if it still ached as he touched it. With result no different than expected and his cup full, he grabbed his coffee and turned to go back to the Rabbit Hole (also called Technical Officers’ office), but almost fell at someone instead. It turned out to be no one else than Judy Hopps.
               “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Judy apologized, even if it was her uniform that he stained.
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The City of Change: Chapter 9.
Chapter 9. "Reprimend"
               8.00 am, Tuesday, May 19, 2022
               Nick picked Judy up from her house as usually. She took her seat, took her coffee without a word and sipped it slowly. The fox watched her with worries, as they rejoined the traffic. She looked weary, but not hungover. But foremost, she looked downcast.
               “That bad?” He asked with worries and she just shuddered.
               “I… He was such a wonderful guy. Charming, attentive… And then, I… I don’t want to talk about it for now,” she cut it shortly and the fox nodded with understanding.
:iconicey1456:icey1456 1 11
The City of Change: Chapter 8.
Chapter 8. "Singing in the rain"
               8.32 am, Monday, May 18, 2022
               “It’s always sunny in Savannah Central,” crossed Judy’s mind as Nick put on his sunglasses, even though it was morning and he was browsing Internet on his phone. The bunny parked their police car at the assigned spot by the sidewalk and was about to get out when Nick stopped her.
               “Carrots, find three differences,” he snickered, showing her a photo on the phone. It was a street view of Flock Street, more or less from this same point of view as they had now. Judy rolled her eyes, but decided to play the game.
               “Cars are park
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The City of Change: Chapter 7.
Chapter 7. "Realizations"
               10.17 am, Sunday, May 17, 2022
               Nick leaned against the wall and watched his old family house on the other side of the street… or rather what remained of it. The top level had collapsed just when they were evacuating his mother, so there was no much left of it, just a pile of bricks at the top of the ruin of the building and a family album that he managed to save, safe at his house.
               “Detective Wilde, I presume?” The fox heard a voice from behind and saw an elegantly dressed weasel in his late forties, walking over to him with. He recognized him immediately from TV.
               “Indeed. Prosecutor Moore, isn’t it? Detective
:iconicey1456:icey1456 0 2
The City of Change: Chapter 6.
Chapter 6. "The insomnia"
               6.01 pm, Saturday, May 16, 2022
               When Judy Hopps made it to the Zootopia General Hospital, it was already late in the evening. She got to the third level jumping two stairs at the time and hurriedly found the room number that she was given before. The bunny knocked on the door and stepped in carefully. She saw Mrs. Wilde lying in the bed, connected to the disturbing number of medical apparatuses with the beeping cutting the silence in regular intervals. A single bouquet of flowers was standing in a vase on the small bedside table. Just by the bed, with his head in his paws, was sitting Nick Wilde. Hearing the door opening, he lifted his head and greeted her with a smile that carried not a sign of joy.
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The City of Change: Chapter 5.
  Chapter 5. "The paycheck"
             1.50 pm, Saturday, May 16, 2022
               James Greymane was waiting in his car, surprised with his own calmness. It might have been not his first crime, but this time, it wasn’t about the act itself; it was about the scale. And this time, the scale was rather big. The wolf browsed the contact list of the phone he had bought especially for their heist. It contained currently merely four names: “Boss”, “Ryuk”, “Diane” and “Miles”. For a moment, he struggled with thought of calling Diane, simply to kill the time. And then, he saw just the guy he had been waiting for; a tall and slim spotted hyena dressed in the black with a hoodie covering his head was making his way toward the car. He stole an apple from a stand and bit into it with a smirk. The hyena opened
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The City of Change: Chapter 4.
 Chapter 4. "Trembles"
               7.53 am, Saturday, May 16, 2022
               The Grand Zootopia Parade, held traditionally on the third weekend of May, was the time when all the mammals throughout the city celebrated their uniqueness and differences and was truly the day when “Anyone could be anything!” like Mayor Lionheart and many after him used to say. For Judy, a bunny who came from Bunny Burrows far, far away believing in these very ideals, it was the most wonderful day of the year. For Judy, who also happened to be one of the police officers responsible for the safety of whole party, it also was one of the most exhausting and stressful days of the year with thousands mammals out in the streets, relying on her to come back home safely.
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The City of Change: Chapter 3.
Chapter 3. "The side project"

               1.25 pm, Monday, May 11, 2022

               Since the Grand Parade was taking place on Saturday, not all officers assigned needed to assist the preparations immediately. Detective Barnes had delegated some of them to perform other tasks and so, Detective Max Reynolds and Officer Isabelle Alvarez were driving through the city in silence with him behind the wheel and her pretending to play with her phone while watching him constantly. Max could see it and it rather amused him, but he did not comment on the thing. He liked Isabelle immediately, as she struck him as a cheerful, positive girl.
               “So… Are you in ZPD for long?” She wondered.
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The City of Change: Chapter 2.
Chapter 2. "Introductions"
               7.54 am, Monday, May 11, 2022
               As he had been doing on almost every working day for last few years, Nick parked his car by the street just opposite to Judy’s flat and watched her running out, jumping down last couple stairs, crossing the street carefully and then, joining him at the passenger’s seat and fastening her seatbelt.
               “Good morning,” he greeted her, as Judy reached for her coffee, which was already waiting. Nick used to be buying those from a cafeteria just by his house, but recently, he started trying to brew his own, milling the beans, brewing her and spicing and then bringing in thermo-isolating cups. Some of the first creations were failures, but he quickly learnt on those and now, he on
:iconicey1456:icey1456 4 7
The City of Change: Chapter 1.
Note: It's the final sequel to my "No Second Chances" and "Moonlight", my previous fanfictions on Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps and the city of Zootopia. I strongly reccomend to check these out before this one :)
 Chapter 1. "An epilogue as a prologue"
1.14 am. Saturday, August 31, 2020
               Ryan opened his eyes slowly and looked around carefully. Other kids in the room were fast asleep. He crawled out of his bed and reached for the bag and clothes hidden under the bed. He changed the pajamas for warm clothes he had prepared, made a fake shape of himself from spare pillows he had stolen the other day and hanged the small bag on his back. He opened the door to corridor and looked around. The orphanage was as silent as ever. The camera hanging in the corner could see him, were it even to work; Ryan had been sneaking out of his room in night for million times now and they never saw him. He made his
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Moonlight: Chapter 26.
Chapter 26. "Of love" 
               2.02 pm. Monday, May 3, 2021
               Kaylee Crane took her seat by the table and watched the microphone before her a bit dreadfully. The journalist sitting on the opposite side, a gazelle named Helen Santiago, offered the rabbit a cup of water and smiled encouragingly.
               “Thank you for accepting our invitation. First time on the radio?” She asked.
               “Yes, it is,” Kaylee confirmed, looking around the recording room. The wall behind her was covered in Station 2’s logo, the rest had sound-muffling palette’s and a big glass window where technicians sat. It felt almost like questioning
:iconicey1456:icey1456 2 13
Moonlight: Chapter 25. Part 2.
 Moonlight: Chapter 25. Part 2. "Of what we receive and what we deserve"
               5.06 pm. Tuesday, November 5, 2020
               The next twenty hours after meeting with Julia were an emotional rollercoaster to Spencer Young. He was excited to see her again. He was terrified that she’d figure out who he really was and that this surreal bliss would end as suddenly as it started. He wanted to know her better, but a thought that his past would only cause her trouble was driving him crazy. When the doorbell rang, he felt a chill down his bones.
               “Several police cars, maybe a SWAT team. That’s what’s waiting for me,” he muttered to himself, checking himself in mirror. He was well groomed and his c
:iconicey1456:icey1456 3 10
Moonlight: Chapter 25. Part 1.
 Moonlight: Chapter 25. Part 1. "Of what we receive and what we deserve"
               11.47 am. Monday, November 4, 2020
               The fox was woken up by loudening hum of the plane’s engines. He shook his head, reached for the bottle of water and sipped some of it, while looking out the window. He could see the dark blue waters of the sea limited by a green coast of the bay below and the long peninsula closing it off almost completely. He shivered, just thinking how cold a sea this far to the north would be.
               “Proszę Państwa, mówi kapitan. Lot numer LT 3827 relacji Lake City – Deńsk…” the pilot continued to speak in his characteristic, swishing language, which the
:iconicey1456:icey1456 3 7
Moonlight: Chapter 24. Part 2.
 Chapter 24. Part 2. "Of peoples and cities"
               Wednesday evening
               Judy yawned deeply, as she walked down the stairs to the living room. Down there, her father was playing card with two of his neighbors; Mr. Garret, a ferret and Mr. Larcher, a rabbit. The last, but certainly not the least one mammal sitting by the table was no one else, but Nick Wilde. She had to give it to him, he knew how to drag himself in this sort of games. After a day-long bike trip the two of them took, he planned to take a shower and go to sleep immediately, but on his way back to Judy’s room he fell at Mr. Hopps who was looking for the fourth player. The fox, skilled with cards, accepted the offer immediately, even though he only once had played the game they were now; canasta. This was almost two hours
:iconicey1456:icey1456 3 7
Moonlight: Chapter 24. Part 1.
 Chapter 24. Part 1. "Of peoples and cities"
               Past noon, Saturday, August 31, 2020
               Nick had been studying the train timetable for quite a while, when someone jumped at his back and hugged him from behind. The fox turned his head and smirked; it was no one else than Judy Hopps. She giggled and slid back on the ground.
               “There you are,” he smiled, eyeing her from head to toes. She was dressed in a casual pink shirt and blue jeans and oppositely to Nick, she carried only a small backpack; the bunny still had plenty of her stuff left in her home in Bunny Burroughs.
               “You haven’t been waiting lon
:iconicey1456:icey1456 2 0
Those are the newest chapters of Sign of the Past, the next chapter every Sturday!


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Aleksander Nowak
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Writting is my hobby and I am an author of two fanfiction trilogies: one based on Jesse Lofton's "Age of Heroes" in universe of Legend of Spyro and the other one (currently on-going) telling stories of Nick and Judy from Zootopia after the end of the movie.

If you don't like reading on dA, I invite you to check out my profile at or AO3:…

I'm from Poland so English isn't my native language. But I don't let it stop me; after all it makes writing even more challenging and more rewarding. :D
To all writers: do not give up!
So, a new academic year brings the new place to live, new challenges, new inspirations, new yada, yada, yada... to the point.

Under pressure of overwhelmingly positive feedback on the Zootopia fanfiction "No Second Chances" that I published earlier this year on three sites (dA, FF and AO3), with head full of ideas and love for the universum and its characters, I decided to go with the flow and write the second book. And what can I say, that was on March.

Today, I'd like to announce the second book of the trillogy I am (hopefully) planning to write: "Moonlight"!

Like with the first book, chapters will be published once per day or two, which should give me enough time to conclude the book (I still have 3 final chapters left). This time, I decided for a slight change in form, providing readers with exact time of each event whenever the point of view moves in time or space significantly. According to experts no one reads these hours, but I'm counting on you guys and really, there will be couple chapters where it'll be vital to keep track of things :)

The first chapter should be out in an hour or two, depending how long it'll take me to upload and proof-read the thing one last time.

And for the conclusion, a minimal plot summary (The first chapter, really)

With the case of Haddock's "Number 3" painting solved, our favorite detectives continue to serve the city of Zootopia. And just when they start to complain about monotony of their jobs, they get invited for a mayor Ketchikan's banquet, where they are dragged into events that could change them and whole the city along with them.
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My guess is that they asked Jesse permission and he approved of it.
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Nonetheless, I am hopeful for it.
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