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The City of Change: Chapter 21. Part II
 Chapter 21. Part II "All-left"
               8.11 pm, Monday, August 8, 2022
               Sometimes, the only mammal you can blame for your own misery, is yourself, August thought, as he left the Technical Officer’s bureau over three hours later than he usually would. Well, he had been helping Wilde and Hopps whole afternoon to find and identify their ATM thief, which would hopefully soothe Chief Bogo for a while. And then, there was that report that Andersen needed very badly for tomorrow and so, Fares just sat down by his desk and, with help of couple coffees and music, completed it all. He went upstairs to the Investigations section to leave Andersen a pendrive with report, when he heard a hiccup in the distance. He fro
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The City of Change: Chapter 21. Part I
 Chapter 21. Part I "All-left"
               10.26 am, Monday, August 8, 2022
               The hardest part of each of Isabelle’s disappointments was the mornings. Her head was buzzing like a beehive, her stomach felt as if it was about to explode, her exposed back was as cold as ice. Isabelle turned around in the bed slowly; there was no one on the other side of her queen-sized bed, just a mess of a duvet and an empty spot where he was last night. The old plushie unicorn covered in patches was staring at her condescendingly, but she ignored it as always.
               “Irving?” Isabelle called hopelessly, but heard not a sound. She stood up and wrapped herself in a dressing-gown she found laying next to the bed. All h
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The City of Change: Chapter 20.
 Chapter 20. "Falling out, falling in"
               11.52 am, Sunday, August 7, 2022
               So, Kaylee said it’s a nice thing to do once in a while, just grab a paper and pen and write down your thoughts. Get to the bottom of what bothers you or just do it for fun. Bothers me? Phi! What could possibly bother a happy fox like me, right? Well, I’m here writing, so I guess there is something… Probably that cursed ATM we’ve lost completely. It’s been two months and we’ve been running in circles. Chief is losing his patience too. Yeah, that’s one thing to be bothered about, but somehow, writing it down didn’t make it any better… Stream of consciousness. It’s quite dumb, if you asked me. Absurdly trivial. Definitely silly. Ridiculously naïve. S
:iconicey1456:icey1456 1 2
The City of Change: Chapter 19.
Chapter 19. "Missteps and forecasts"
               10.18 am, Monday, June 14, 2022
               The Technical Officers’ office was just as quiet as usually, with only the monotonous clicks of keyboards and air conditioning humming in the back. Judy Hopps wave to Kaylee who noticed her the moment she opened the door and walked over to August Fares, busy with the research.
               “Hey, we’ve got new data from SEALS in Tundratown,” Judy said, handing him the pendrive.
               “Cool, I’ll see what I can find,” August assured, as taking it from her. Hopps glanced at his monitor to see that was sitting at their data.
:iconicey1456:icey1456 2 2
The City of Change: Chapter 18.
 Chapter 18. "Prejudice"
               4.28 pm, Saturday, June 12, 2022
               Kaylee reopened the cooking book to check the recipe for one last time. She studied it quickly and proceeded with the cake she was baking for her, Max and the kids that were soon to be at the place when she heard a doorbell. Rabbit’s ears perked up curiously, as she wondered who could that be. Certainly not Max; he had just left and it’d be some time before he would come back. As doorbell rang again, the bunny wiped her paws hurriedly.
               “I’m coming!” She assured, assuming that it would be another peddler of sort that she’d dismiss hurriedly. She really was on a tight schedule there. The rabbit opened the door to see a tall, grey w
:iconicey1456:icey1456 1 6
The City of Change: Chapter 17.
 Chapter 17. "Pattern-seeking"
               10.52 am, Monday, June 7, 2022
               Nick came to his and Judy’s box in some excellent mood. He put the phone back in the pocket of his trousers, leaned against a thin wall of his box and smirked at his partner, calling her.
               “Riddle time, Carrots! Do you know why I love start of the month so much?” He grinned.
               “Salary payout?” She shrugged.
           “Precisely! For a week or so, the digits on my banking account won’t have a minus in front of them! But, while we receive payouts, do you know what shops, stores and markets do?
:iconicey1456:icey1456 3 10
The City of Change: Chapter 16.
Chapter 16. "Grim tale of grey"
               11.18 am, Monday, May 31, 2022
               August Fares watched himself in the bathroom mirror of the police station where he worked. He closed the left eye and then, opened it slowly and then again, and again. He grabbed a phone and took couple pictures of himself while glancing all around. He browsed through them with satisfaction. It looked perfectly normal. It simply… didn’t send any signal, as an IT guy would say. August chuckled nervously. Why was he so stressed now, when they had been on a date on Saturday and it had gone so well? Fares took a deep breath and left the bathroom. He walked among the boxes until he found one that belonged to Judy and Nick. August knocked on it, announcing himself and greeted them with a bit nervous wave of paw and a cheerful smile he gave Judy.
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The City of Change: Chapter 15.
Chapter 15. "Dusting off"
               10.00 am, Sunday, May 30, 2022
               Judy Hopps rang on her partner’s door thrice, as always. She heard some muffled steps and then, the door opened presenting her with a bit sleepy fox, dressed in some casual clothes.
               “Good morning!” She greeted him cheerfully.
               “Hey, Carrots,” the fox covered his yawn with a paw and checked the time. “Wow, right on time,” he actually seemed surprised.
               “You didn’t think I was coming late?” She asked, passing by Nick and stepping
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The City of Change: Chapter 14.
Chapter 14. "Fox things"
             7.15 pm, Friday, May 28, 2022
               Richard O’Connery, the mechanic’s assistant in a workshop in Savannah Central, wasn’t having a good day. For the matter of speaking, he was having an exceptionally bad day. First, he dropped a very expensive rear window shattering it in million pieces. Then, his girlfriend broke up with him over text, giving him some crap about how unmanly he was, even for a pangolin. Now, when he had decided to drown his sorrows in his favorite bar, he found himself couple dollars short.
               “It’ll be on me, Dick,” assured someone, dropping a ten on the counter.
               “No one’s called me that
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The City of Change: Chapter 13.
 Chapter 13. "Abused"
               10.12 am, Wednesday, May 27, 2022
               Max Reynolds and Isabelle Alvarez were heading to the Savannah Central in some real good moods, each of them for quite a reason, though. As they stopped at the traffic lights, Max unlocked his phone to check something on web when his partner caught sight of his wallpaper; a photo of him, Kaylee and three kits.
               “Are these the kids you’re adopting?” She guessed and he confirmed with a nod.
               “Yeah. We took the picture yesterday,” he confirmed. “Mia, Thane and Ryan,” he shown her. Isabelle took the phone from him and watched it
:iconicey1456:icey1456 1 6
The City of Change: Chapter 12. Part 2.
 Chapter 12. Part 2. "Tainted"
               1.00 pm, Tuesday, May 26, 2022
               “Excited?” Max Reynolds smirked at his wife.
               “Oh, you can’t even imagine,” she assured, as they parked their car by the school, where they met with Mrs. Ubik from the orphanage. Today was the day when they’d get their first chance to pick the two kits they wanted to adopt, Mia and Thane, up from the school and have some fun time with them under Mrs. Ubik’s careful eye. The chubby honey badger shook their paws with a weak smile.
               “Wonderful day, isn’t it?” She pointed with a weak smile.
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The City of Change: Chapter 12. Part 1.
Chapter 12. Part 1. "Tainted"
               9.30 am, Tuesday, May 26, 2022
               Nick’s nose wrinkled, as he and Judy came inside the car workshop at Sousten Street, where their mutilated Hanza pickup waited, sealed like they had left it. The police officers greeted the owner of the facility and its chief mechanic, an energetic weasel called Fiver for a reason generally unknown. The police officers removed the seals along with procedure and let the mechanics work on the car. They dismantled it step by step, exchanging their observations frequently and allowing accompanying them forensic officer take all the pictures they needed.
               “It seems as if most of the parts didn’t come from the original car,” concluded Fiver excitedly. “Engine and body seem
:iconicey1456:icey1456 1 7
The City of Change: Chapter 11.
Chapter 11. "Ambivalence" 
               8.21 am, Monday, May 25, 2022
               Hopkins Private Clinic was a place Max always thought of with dread, quite unfairly and mostly because of the Hopkins Institute just next to it, the leading facility in research of unusual diseases such as FFI; Max’s reminder that everyone was going to die eventually. He stopped the car at the clinic’s parking and came inside. Despite Kaylee’s insisting, he came here alone; she had a lot of work in ZPD and he wanted to bring the news to her personally, whether they’d be good or bad.
               Max greeted a familiar receptionist, who told him that his doctor was already waiting. Max knocked at the door and, upon invitation, came inside. By t
:iconicey1456:icey1456 1 3
The City of Change: Chapter 10.
Chapter 10. "Boop"
               10.57 am, Wednesday, May 20, 2022
               August Fares followed his new friends’ advice and avoided the coffee machine in the main hall, suiting for the one by the boxes instead. He waited patiently for hot water to fill his cup, as he adjusted the bandage on his eye, simply to check if it still ached as he touched it. With result no different than expected and his cup full, he grabbed his coffee and turned to go back to the Rabbit Hole (also called Technical Officers’ office), but almost fell at someone instead. It turned out to be no one else than Judy Hopps.
               “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Judy apologized, even if it was her uniform that he stained.
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The City of Change: Chapter 9.
Chapter 9. "Reprimend"
               8.00 am, Tuesday, May 19, 2022
               Nick picked Judy up from her house as usually. She took her seat, took her coffee without a word and sipped it slowly. The fox watched her with worries, as they rejoined the traffic. She looked weary, but not hungover. But foremost, she looked downcast.
               “That bad?” He asked with worries and she just shuddered.
               “I… He was such a wonderful guy. Charming, attentive… And then, I… I don’t want to talk about it for now,” she cut it shortly and the fox nodded with understanding.
:iconicey1456:icey1456 2 11
The City of Change: Chapter 8.
Chapter 8. "Singing in the rain"
               8.32 am, Monday, May 18, 2022
               “It’s always sunny in Savannah Central,” crossed Judy’s mind as Nick put on his sunglasses, even though it was morning and he was browsing Internet on his phone. The bunny parked their police car at the assigned spot by the sidewalk and was about to get out when Nick stopped her.
               “Carrots, find three differences,” he snickered, showing her a photo on the phone. It was a street view of Flock Street, more or less from this same point of view as they had now. Judy rolled her eyes, but decided to play the game.
               “Cars are park
:iconicey1456:icey1456 3 6
Those are the newest chapters of Sign of the Past, the next chapter every Sturday!


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Aleksander Nowak
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Writting is my hobby and I am an author of two fanfiction trilogies: one based on Jesse Lofton's "Age of Heroes" in universe of Legend of Spyro and the other one (currently on-going) telling stories of Nick and Judy from Zootopia after the end of the movie.

If you don't like reading on dA, I invite you to check out my profile at or AO3:…

I'm from Poland so English isn't my native language. But I don't let it stop me; after all it makes writing even more challenging and more rewarding. :D
To all writers: do not give up!
So, a new academic year brings the new place to live, new challenges, new inspirations, new yada, yada, yada... to the point.

Under pressure of overwhelmingly positive feedback on the Zootopia fanfiction "No Second Chances" that I published earlier this year on three sites (dA, FF and AO3), with head full of ideas and love for the universum and its characters, I decided to go with the flow and write the second book. And what can I say, that was on March.

Today, I'd like to announce the second book of the trillogy I am (hopefully) planning to write: "Moonlight"!

Like with the first book, chapters will be published once per day or two, which should give me enough time to conclude the book (I still have 3 final chapters left). This time, I decided for a slight change in form, providing readers with exact time of each event whenever the point of view moves in time or space significantly. According to experts no one reads these hours, but I'm counting on you guys and really, there will be couple chapters where it'll be vital to keep track of things :)

The first chapter should be out in an hour or two, depending how long it'll take me to upload and proof-read the thing one last time.

And for the conclusion, a minimal plot summary (The first chapter, really)

With the case of Haddock's "Number 3" painting solved, our favorite detectives continue to serve the city of Zootopia. And just when they start to complain about monotony of their jobs, they get invited for a mayor Ketchikan's banquet, where they are dragged into events that could change them and whole the city along with them.
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My guess is that they asked Jesse permission and he approved of it.
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Nonetheless, I am hopeful for it.
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